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MIRACLE MEDICINE SDN BHD is a company that supplies porcupine dates and porcupine bozoar. Our company is located in Subang Jaya, Selangor. Porcupine dates have obviously medicinal effect for illness such as before and after surgery, mosquito disease, diabetes, cancer, liver disease, various inflammations, and pregnant woman delivery. MIRACLE MEDICINE SDN BHD was established in 2010 from Malaysia. The company's boss has been engaged in the sale of porcupine date for decades.

Miracle Medicine Sdn Bhd was established in 2010 and it is originally came from Malaysia. Formerly known as Miracle Medicine Sdn Bhd, the company's boss has been engaged in the sale of porcupine date for decades.

In Indonesia, our company recruits more than 200 workers that specialized in catching porcupine. After proven by professionals, we will just start remove the porcupine date from the porcupine.

Our company’s boss goes to Indonesia to collect porcupine date by himself, see the process of extracting porcupine date and take the procedures as video. That is how we confirmed the company's porcupine date is 100% from the original forest. Any interested buyers can directly contact our company, our company will arrange professionals to explain and can show you the movies about the extraction of the porcupine date.


Porcupine also named as豪猪or河猪, body covered with spines is a mammal that lives in the forest. It has a strong vitality, after having illness it can be cured very soon. This is because it is all depends on their eating habits.

Porcupine is herbivores, especially it likes to eat the plant stems and roots that containing bitterness. This is because the plants that contain bitter roots are herbs. Therefore, porcupine itself has the ability of detoxification antibody immune function.

Whenever porcupine is injured or fall into illness, they will dig their own herbs to eat. After herbs digest in the body of porcupine it will make it recover very quickly. Some herbs which are still remain in the body of porcupine after mixed with endocrine secretion of porcupine, will accumulate and has the formation of stone-like things after some times. After cleaned and dried, it will become precious porcupine date which also known as the Porcupine Bozoar or河猪栆.

Physical fitness, strength, genetic structure and get herbs environment of each porcupine will affect the structure of porcupine date. This is the reason why every appearance of porcupine date, smoothness, size, quality, color is different. The longer a porcupine date accumulate in the body of porcupine, its volume will be greater, the more accumulation of medicinal ingredients, the quality will be better. However, not every porcupine body has porcupine date. It can be said that the percentage of porcupine that contain porcupine date is only two percent. That is why the price of porcupine date is very expensive.

Bloody Date
Blood Date was taken from the strong porcupine, which are herbs and endocrine secretion accumulate in the body of porcupine after a long period of time and formed. So it's the best quality, the price also is the most expensive. Blood Date brings red color, pink and so on. Its surface is smooth, relatively solid, touch-feel more rigid than other porcupine date. After cut-down the Blood Date, it will show a layer of fine lines. It brings a rich aroma of the herb and bitter taste. Best medical efficacy. Blood Date comes from porcupine of the volcanic area and it is very rare.
Powderly Date
Powder Date brings brown color with some red and other colors. The surface is rough or smooth. Powder Date also presents a layers of fine lines, after bitter taste will have the sweet taste. Powder Date is good for health or mild symptoms and was listed as the second grade.
Grassy Date
Grass Date brings green-brown color. It looks rougher than the above two porcupine date. Grass Date mixed with a lot of grass-like debris and half-similiar with Powder Date . After the bitter taste will have the sweet taste. Grass Date is listed as the third grade in all the porcupine date. After filtration of grass-like things, that is suitable for topical wounds.

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