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Miracle Medicine Sdn Bhd was founded in 2006 by Lim Tiong Meng. After the foundation was firmly established, the second-generation Dato Sri Jackie Lim took over and established a company in 2013. Up to now, it has assisted a total of 3220 patients with various diseases.

With the trust and support of customers, Miracle Medicine Sdn Bhd has become a well-known porcupine dates supplier company in just a few years and looking forward to helping 5000 patients by 2025.
5 Major Benefits Of Porcupine Dates
Efficiently relieve the side effects of electrotherapy and chemotherapy
Efficiently relieve the side effects of coronary disease
Help wound recovery after surgery
Enhance platelets to prevent mosquito disease
Cure suppuration, anti-inflammatory, detoxification and lowering blood sugar
With Miracle Medicine, There Will Be Miracles In Life!
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Advanced Extract Technology, No More Indiscriminate Killing
  • Wild porcupines are caught in Indonesian forests.
  • Conduct X-rays to confirm whether there is porcupine dates in the porcupine's body.
  • Porcupines without porcupine dates in their bodies will be released back to nature. Porcupines with porcupine dates in their bodies are sent to the veterinary hospital.
  • Porcupine dates are obtained through surgery. After the wound is healed, porcupines will be released back to the nature.
  • The porcupine dates are sent to the laboratory for testing, remove impurities and extract the essence.
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Dato Sri 林楗诚 hopes that every customer can be satisfied with the curative effect of Miracle Medicine!
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