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Miracle Medicine Porcupine Date Testimonial - Mei 甲亢症 Hyperthyroidism

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"After the condition was under control, it relapsed twice again!" Mei is a housewife and has been suffering from hyperthyroidism for six years. With her husband's care, let's hear the heartwarming story of how they fought the disease together.

Alex and Mei are a couple. Alex is a sales manager, and Mei is a full-time housewife who takes care of their two children and household chores. After giving birth to their second daughter, Mei was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism when the second daughter was nine months old. At the beginning, she experienced numbness in her hands and a fast heartbeat. She went to see a doctor and learned of her condition after a blood test. She began taking medication and had to take medication to control her heartbeat because it was too fast.

She also tried taking health supplements and stopping other medication. Mei said that she heard that a particular health supplement was good from others, and the salesperson who sold the supplement also suggested stopping the western medication that she was currently taking as it was not good to take western medicine for a long time. After about a year and a half, her condition relapsed.

Her condition persisted until she met the founder of a miracle medicine- Dato Sri Dr.Jackie Lim who introduced and provided her with Porcupine Date. Mei followed the instructions and took it on an empty stomach for three consecutive days without feeling any abnormal sensations or changes, except for feeling a bit heaty on the first day. She consulted with Dato Sri Dr.Jackie Lim and learned that this heatiness would not affect her health, so Mei continued taking the full course of three days.

Mei said that the most significant improvement after the three-day Porcupine Date treatment was that she felt more energetic and vital. Previously, Mei would get tired after doing half of her household chores and need to rest. But now, she can finish everything in one go. Mei also said that she used to have difficulty breathing and felt stuck in her chest. However, after taking Porcupine Date, she no longer feels this discomfort. Mei's doctor also examined her latest blood test report, which was good, and said that if Mei maintains this index in her next follow-up report next month, she can switch to another treatment.

Hyperthyroidism is mainly caused by emotions and stress. This episode brought a lot of inconvenience and fear to this couple. Alex said that since their household relies mainly on Mei, whenever Mei is unwell, his responsibility and pressure increase. He has to go to work, take care of the children, take care of Mei, and even cook and do housework, which is very tiring.

As for Mei, the most feared thing in her heart is that the condition will turn into cancer because the doctor said there is a benign tumor in her thyroid gland. Fortunately, Alex said that the condition is now under control, so surgery is not yet necessary. When the latest report came out, it was the first time they heard the doctor say that the report was optimistic news, which made Alex feel surprised and happy.

Mei also hopes to tell other patients to listen to the doctor's advice and complete the treatment as directed. She also suggests not to try traditional       remedies and warns that health supplements can be taken but should not be used as medicine. Mei also expressed regret that if she had completed the course of treatment as directed by her doctor and had not stopped it because of the salesperson's suggestion, she might not have had to suffer the relapse.

Mei firmly believes that Porcupine Date helped her after she saw her latest report because such a report had never appeared in the past six years. When Mei first heard about Porcupine Date, she did a lot of research and read many testimonials on Facebook before feeling more confident and comfortable with it. She then shared it with Alex, who acknowledged that the quality of Porcupine Date is crucial and must come from a legitimate source to ensure quality. Porcupine Date is also not cheap, and even if one were to buy it from a store, they should personally inspect the product to avoid being deceived with pepper powder.

Furthermore, Alex and Mei are deeply grateful to the Miracle Medicine Porcupine Date for providing them with a channel to assist and improve their condition. The recent report speaks for itself, and the dual treatment of Western medicine and Porcupine Date has proven to be more effective, making it a worthwhile attempt.

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