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Porcupine Dates Empowering Jenny's Battle Against Tuberculosis

I am Jenny, 45 years old, residing in Kuala Lumpur, and a mother of two - a boy and a girl.

In 2013, my life took a sudden and distressing turn when I began experiencing a relentless cough that persisted for three agonizing months. This wasn't an ordinary cough; it was intense, often accompanied by tears, a runny nose, and even bouts of vomiting. My entire body ached incessantly. Concerned for my well-being, my daughter promptly rushed me to Assunta Hospital. The local doctors initially suspected tuberculosis.

The doctors meticulously inquired about my symptoms, including the nature of the cough, phlegm production, and changes in my voice. They conducted an examination of my sputum. Two hours later, the doctors had to deliver the disheartening news - I couldn't leave the hospital. My bronchial tubes were inflamed, my lungs severely infected, and mild asthma had set in.

During my days in the hospital, my two children were consumed by anxiety. My daughter incessantly reminded me to take good care of myself, emphasizing that I needed to live to a hundred. My son, though young, displayed remarkable maturity and unwavering strength. He lost his appetite due to worry and refused to leave the hospital, declaring, "Mom is sick; I won't leave her."

However, my condition didn't seem to improve during my hospitalization, and the treatments prescribed by the doctors showed little effect. It was then that I learned about Porcupine Date, the medicine renowned as a miracle worker. Holding onto my last glimmer of hope, I reached out to a friend who sold Porcupine Date and received comprehensive guidance on its usage.

After taking Porcupine Date continuously for two days, on the third day, the doctors conducted a detailed examination, and the results were nothing short of astonishing. The bacterial infection was under control, and the doctors informed me that, if all went well, I could be discharged.

I felt immense gratitude, particularly towards my two children who had unwaveringly supported me. Ultimately, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Porcupine Date, the medical miracle that helped me regain my health, enabling me to continue accompanying my children as they flourish.


Porcupine Date  (or porcupine bezoar stone) is a type of Chinese herbal medicine that is similar to animal-based medicines like cow bezoar, it is formed from stones found in the animal's body.

In some modern in vitro studies, Porcupine Date has been found to contain components with antioxidant and free radical scavenging properties. It can inhibit the formation of tumor blood vessels, which in turn can control tumor growth and metastasis, as well as exhibit other functions such as detoxification and a lot of other healing purposes.
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Health supplement - Having a good lifestyle and balanced diet, while taking pure, natural, and chemical-free miracle medicine such as porcupine date/porcupine herb medicine can enhance one's immune system and health.



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