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Scientific Perspective: Miracle Medicine Porcupine date Collaborates Again with Guangdong Pharmaceutical University to Advance Immunity Research

Recently, Miracle Medicine Company was once again invited to Guangdong Pharmaceutical University (Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, GDPU) to participate in the signing ceremony of a cooperative research project. This collaboration aims to advance new research on immunity and prevent misleading practices that worsen medical conditions.

At the signing ceremony, Lin Jiancheng, General Manager of Miracle Medicine Company, detailed the company's development history and expressed anticipation for joint scientific research with the university's team. This collaboration will focus on scientifically studying the immune-regulating effects and potential mechanisms of porocupine dates.

Dr. Xiao Xue, the project leader from Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, introduced the main content and research approach of the cooperation. He stated that this project is the first scientific research collaboration between the university and a Malaysian traditional medicine enterprise, holding significant importance. Through this cooperation, advanced TCM technologies and health products will be introduced to enhance traditional medicine in Malaysia.

Located in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University is one of three pharmaceutical universities in China, established by the Guangdong Provincial Government and overseen by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education. In February 2021, the university became the host institution for the National Medical Products Administration's Key Laboratory for Drug Vigilance and Evaluation, and has received numerous national and provincial awards, including the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the China Patent Excellence Award, and the National Innovation Excellence Award.

The launch of this cooperative project signifies the first deep cooperation between Guangdong Pharmaceutical University and a Malaysian pharmaceutical enterprise, marking an important milestone for the 50th anniversary of China-Malaysia diplomatic relations. The university president emphasized that this scientific research project with Miracle Medicine Company is a great start for future collaborations.

Leaders from both sides attended the signing ceremony, witnessing this historic moment. Through this collaboration, Miracle Medicine Company and Guangdong Pharmaceutical University are committed to modernizing and internationalizing traditional Chinese medicine, contributing to global health.