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Porcupine Dates (Essence Extraction 300% Version)

Porcupine Dates (Essence Extraction 300% Version)
Porcupine Dates (Essence Extraction 300% Version)


Porcupine Dates (Essence Extraction 300% Version)

Price  : RM13,800 (12packs X 0.4gm/pack)
RM7,800 (6packs X 0.4gm/pack)
Porcupine Dates Benefits  : Before and after surgery, childbirth, dengue fever, other ailments, health maintenance, liver disease, various inflammations, cancer, diabetes.
Dosage  : On an empty stomach, start with drinking water, then pour the porcupine date powder under the tongue and let it absorb slowly.

After taking porcupine dates, avoid consuming foods that can affect the effectiveness of porcupine dates, such as pineapples, white radishes, green tea, coffee, and so on.

*** It is strongly recommended to consult with our company's specialist for a detailed understanding of the condition before recommending treatment, dosage, and dietary restrictions.

[Extracted Essence Power Up Porcupine Dates]: After grinding Porcupine Dates into a fine powder, and then send them to the lab to extract the essence while removing harmful impurities. This allows patients to absorb 300% of the essence present in porcupine dates, directly benefiting their bodies. The extracted version of porcupine dates are 3X the potency of the traditional porcupine date.

✅ 100% Pure Natural
✅ HALAL Certified
✅ MeSTI Certified
✅ HACCP Certified
✅ GMP Health Food Production Quality Certification


【精华萃取箭猪枣?到底是什么?】而且功效竟是传统箭猪枣的3倍?! "What is Essence Extracted Porcupine Dates? And its effectiveness is three times that of traditional porcupine dates?!"

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