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Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback
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This customer Online research for the Porcupine Date information.

In to the end she still chose to believe in our Miracle Medicine Porcupine Date.

The market is in dispute with the true and false issues. Miracle Medicine Porcupine Date will never judge the true and false of others, because the effect will give you the answer!


Compared with market , Miracle Medicine Porcupine Date is not cheap, but it is not the most expensive. The consumer/patient needs the effect, not the cheap and miss their recover golden moment.


Thanks to Huii Phang for supporting our Miracle Medicine Porcupine Date, and wish her to take a quick recovery and healthy.


For More Information please contact us:


+6 013-2828 996

+6 012-7711 324




Miracle Medicine Team come Singapore for the testimonial video shooting

Miracle Medicine Team come Singapore for the testimonial video shooting
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Miracle Medicine Porcupine Date


Miracle Medicine Team come Singapore for the testimonial video shooting. Mr Koo is a Singaporean who has been feeling unwell since 2012 and has been tested for lung cancer. Today, Mr Koo has fully recovered, can maintain a healthy body, travel around.

 Doctors and family’s felt it is miraculous!


More details about Mr Koo,Please stay tune with our Facebook!


For More Detail Please Contact Us:


📞+6013-2828 996 / +6012-7711 324 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/miraclemedicine828

Website: www.miraclemedicine.com.my

Email : info@miraclemedicine.com.my

08/07/2016-10/07/2016 Mid Valley Exhibition Hall

08/07/2016-10/07/2016 Mid Valley Exhibition Hall
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08/07/2016-10/07/2016 Mid Valley Exhibition Hall

【Miracle Medicine Sdn Bhd】porcupine date

Miracle Medicine thanks to all the lovely customer for supporting us all the way in the event, especially thanks to the organizer of the event for giving us a chance to promote and let more people know about porcupine date. Hope this product can help more people in future!

Our next event will be at PWTC Kuala Lumpur 19/8/2016~21/8/2016

website: www.miraclemedicine.com.my
wechat: qijiyaowang
facebook: miraclemedicine828

+6 013-2828 996 +6 012-7711 324


Chinese New Year Charity

Thanksgiving you pay volunteers to help make children and senior citizens in the New Year can be in the theater 。
Grateful to all the boss give the red packets to all the elderly and children.

Leukemia Testimonial

Off through charitable fundraising team contacted the parents' daughter, the parents let the children tried to accept taking porcupine dates, 9-12 month course of chemotherapy, and now only after three months of treatment the doctor told the parent the cancer completely disappeared. Of coursmue she still be completed entire chemotherapy. 

Muscular Dystrophy Testimonial


This women do the  chinese medicine and western medicine treatment for six years , and also spent hundreds of thousands of all the treatment. There is still no way to recover.
In a time she know our company Miracle Medicine of "porcupine date",  She only tried to took 1 week treatment and she felt herself is very obvious gain some muscle and weight.
Now she ability to take care of their own business and she felt very happy to solve this problem after 6 years.

Nanyang Siang Pau New Year Promotion Sales

MIRACLE MEDICINE in January 22 to January 24 from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm New Year promotion sales activities carried out in the Nanyang Siang Pau Auditorium.
Our company is very proud to take this event to let everyone know more about the porcupine dates effect.
Thank you for inviting.


2015 Health Award

Miracle Medicine Sdn Bhd felt glad to get Nanyang Siang Pau Group 'Long Life' presented '2015 Health Award' .

We are grateful for the supporter of our company and get the '2015 Health Award'.

Thanks you!



Our company always with the most sincerely and faith in our business. Hope our products "PORCUPINES DATES" can help more people who need and enjoy their miracle good life.

We are grateful for the supporter of our company and get the "ASIA HONESTY PRODUCT AWARD 2015". Our company will always do the better!

This award has received by our Leader of MIRACLE MEDICINE SDN BHD (MR. Lim Kien Seng).

Thanks you!



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(14日/2月)我们『奇迹药王有限公司』老板林楗诚先生早前被18岁血癌罗紫珊的报导被感动,以个人名誉赠送20包『奇迹药王有限公司』 的 “箭猪枣” 给予罗紫珊。紫珊服用箭猪枣后对正在化疗期间的她有大大的帮助。“箭猪枣”不但减轻化疗的痛处和副作用。也让她的病情好转不少。紫珊乘机在该报道向『奇迹药王有限公司』致谢。


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